Care Group

Care Group leaders are chosen to assist the Pastor in looking out for the members of the church. These individuals are to model the qualities of Christianity displaying the role of discipleship. These individuals help to administer spiritual guidance to the members of the church, helping to bring them to spiritual maturity in the Lord.

Care Group leaders support the mission and goal of the Church. This message is imparted amongst group members during their meetings. Some of the duties that come along with this role are teaching Bible study and leading prayer meetings. Care Group Leaders must exemplify the qualities of someone who is trustworthy; they are entrusted with fostering good fellowship and building strong spiritual relationships, which are centered on faith in God that will endure the storms of Life.

Care Group Meetings offers the members the chance to learn and grow. Here they learn that prayer is essential to the growth of the believer. It does not come by chance and in order for it to be effective it must be fervent and thoughtful. Individual prayers are encourage so that even the timid members can learn how to make their request directly to God.

The ultimate goal of the Care Group is to activate every member to Christian service. It is on going process that offers shepherding care to the member. In turn they demonstrate what they have learned to others, thus creating a vibrant, thriving ministry of growing and caring in the Church.

Developing people is often challenging but the rewards are exciting and most beneficial to growth of the Church in God.