Christian Education

What we are taught, what we learn, what we hear and what we see are the foundations on which our education is built. Learning does not just begin at pre-school and end at college. Instead the greatest lessons learned are reflected in our lives as we live it. It mirrors what we were taught, what we have learned, what we heard and what we saw. It is sad but our society today is struggling not just with education but also with identifying what is the truth; what is right and wrong. Therefore many of us are confused as to which direction we should go…

St. John 14:6. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life”

Teaching Christ is the foundation of the Christian Education Department. Spreading the truth, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping each other live this truth.

So join us whether in our Street Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children’s Church Ministry, Worship Team Ministry, Bible Study, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Sunday School Ministry, as we work together for Christ.

From the desk of the Christian Education Department