Youth Ministry

Youth Ministries
Church of God of Prophecy
251 Route 59
Spring Valley, NY 10977
The Youth Ministries department at the Church of God of Prophecy is comprised of several different ministries:
Youth Ministries
This ministry focuses on all youth of the church. Weekly Friday night meetings are held, where youth are equipped spiritually as well as personally.  They are trained on how to conduct themselves as a young person in today’s society and how to contribute productively. 
Young Women Ministries
This ministry focuses on young women between the ages of 9-19.  Meetings are held monthly where critical issues are discussed which are facing young women today.  One on one mentoring sessions are held with young women, where there are able to talk with someone that is able to guide them through decisions in their life.

College Link Ministries
This ministry focuses on youth who are attending college.  The primary focus is to keep a link of support between them and the local youth ministries.  This is accomplished through weekly phone calls, sporadic visits, and care packages.  A college scholarship fund has been set up which will help youth who are interested in college deter the cost of an education.